Therapy for Disenchanted Dreamers

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Rachel Haimovich, MA, MT-BC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Music Therapist

Creative and Compassionate Therapy for Adults in Pennsylvania 

Always the expert problem-solver, you’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now, get to the root of why you’re not where you think you should be. Your life hasn’t been perfect by any means but it hasn’t been that bad. There’s no reason you can find, no incident you can point to that explains why you’re here and not there.

But what even is there? More and more, you’re starting to doubt your own longings. Like the perpetual good student, you’ve done all the things you were supposed to do, even successfully shushing the voices of “never good enough” during particularly challenging and sweaty yoga classes. 

And yet, the nagging feeling in your gut keeps coming back. It rudely wakes you before sunrise, turning your soft and cozy bed into a tangled battleground. Images of your best friend on her wedding day haunt you, the secret feelings of anger and grief you expertly hid behind your bridesmaid smile threatening to push through the surface. 

The truth is, you’re terrified of being left behind.

You know you need to slow down, but you’re afraid of what you might find in the stillness. I am here to walk beside you as you begin to explore and become curious about the darker places that have started to call to you and learn how to work with, not against, the anxiety you feel.

Hi there! I’m Rachel (she/her)

Licensed Professional Counselor, Harmony Aficionado and Neti-Pot Devotee

I specialize in helping sensitive souls who feel bound by worry and anxiety find freedom from the grind of perfectionism.

I’m committed to guiding you as you plumb your depths not just as an intellectual exercise, but to more deeply and fully come to know and appreciate all parts of you. To play with the harmonic arrangements of your inner landscape so you can become the conductor of your own internal orchestra.

If you’re curious about what it might mean to write your own adventure rather than keep trying to fit into the status quo, I’m your person. 

I specialize in…


Harness the power of mind and body to transform anxiety and step into your power

Relationship Issues

Let go of past hurt to free yourself up for fulfilling and lasting connections

Music Therapy

Go beyond words…find out how sound, rhythm and song can help you heal

Clinical Supervision

Hone your clinical skills and build confidence and competence as a new clinician

Anti-Oppressive Therapy

I take into account the ways in which systemic oppression impacts each individual and believe it is so important to untangle the shame that can hold us back from more fully committing to and showing up for a world of greater equity and social justice. 

I am committed to doing my own anti-racist work through a somatic and community-based lens. My intention is to better understand my blind spots as a white and able-bodied person who moves through the world with many unearned advantages. I aim to hold therapeutic space for folks to explore their unique intersections of privileged and marginalized identities.

Therapeutic Musings

4 Ways Music Therapy Benefits Highly Sensitive People

4 Ways Music Therapy Benefits Highly Sensitive People

You didn’t know you needed a good cry until you heard that new Lizzy McAlpine song, and all of a sudden the tears are flowing. Something in the poignancy of the melody and poetry of the lyrics hit a chord and you feel sad but also seen. Understood. Like you’re maybe...

Spring Cleaning for HSP’s: Nurture Your Mind, Body and Space

Spring Cleaning for HSP’s: Nurture Your Mind, Body and Space

Even though the chilly temperatures might have you thinking otherwise in the Philly area, the seasons are turning and Spring is making itself known with flowering trees, bright daffodils and sunsets that don’t happen until after 7pm. In many cultures, Spring is a time...

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