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I’m Rachel, a curious and kind adventurer, creative spirit and licensed professional counselor who is passionate about partnering with hardworking and sensitive souls who long to feel more at home in this strange and beautiful world.

Rachel Haimovich

Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Music Therapist

You’ve always been a late bloomer, but you thought you’d be further along on the way to full bloom by now. Cracked the code for living in a way where fear and the next worst thing aren’t constantly lurking around every corner like faceless monsters.

Living in this busy-and-worried-all-the-time mode is exhausting. Worst of all, it’s like you’re watching all of the other flowers and plants seemingly flourish around you while you’re struggling just to push up through the soil. 

You’ve tried all the remedies (i.e. self-help books, TikTok influencers giving you the latest updates on burnout) but your friends are moving on with their lives, into dream houses and babies – while all you’re left with is a deep ache in your chest that’s growing louder every day.

Your sneaking suspicion? You’re just different from most people and not meant for this world. 

I’m here to tell you are not alone.

The deep feelers and creative thinkers I work with are also doing their best day in and day out to find meaning and belonging in the messy muddle of life. Of trying to bridge the divide between what is and what they long for. 

Perhaps past therapy has given you some helpful tools for managing the symptoms of anxiety and its close cousin depression. But lately, slapping a positive affirmation over the incessant negative self-talk is feeling more like a band-aid than a cure.

Just as Florence Welch sings in her song Free: “the feeling comes so fast, I can’t control it…I’m on fire and I’m trying not to show it” – you’re scrambling to play whack-a-mole with your inner assembly of critics and worriers.

As a highly sensitive human who works with many brilliant and creative humans, I know how difficult it is to make sense of where you fit in a culture that doesn’t give a damn about your feelings.

What if I told you that you didn’t have to try so hard?

In our work, I delight in the excavation and discovery of all parts of you – even those you’d rather keep at arms length. As a guide and companion in the process, I help you move from anxious overthinking to spacious exploration.

Together, we come to better know your sensitive nature as not something that needs “fixing,” but rather a superpower that is so deeply needed in a broken and complacent world. I help you tune into the world of feeling, sensation, imagery and metaphor so you can come to deeply understand all parts of you.

In other words, we’re not just gonna talk about your feelings, you’re gonna have to actually experience them

This feeling of your feelings doesn’t have to be an excruciating slog. I will sit alongside you and help you find the right notes, shapes, rhythms and textures to express the true poignancy of your inner landscape.  

Feeling skeptical? I get it. Because it definitely CAN be a slog. But – I’ve found that combining  creative and body-based practices like music therapy and yoga with trauma-informed methods like EMDR and Internal Family Systems (IFS) help make the process of getting to know yourself more accessible and playful. By connecting with your body’s deeper wisdom and your soul’s forgotten longings, we transform the impact of painful life experiences and usher in more harmonious communication and collaboration between all parts of you. 

Sometimes healing comes in the form of a deep sigh that’s been waiting years to be released, or finally letting that inner toddler have the tantrum it was denied so many times. The ache, the loneliness, the sharp tingle of fear, all take on new form as we play by going deep.

Are you ready to create a sense of belonging impenetrable to fear monsters?

    A word about identity and values

    Your identities matter and are an important part of understanding yourself and the world around you.

    I am a white, cisgender, able bodied woman, the child of an immigrant, and come from a multi-faith upbringing. I am committed to continuing to better understand the intersection of my own privileged and marginalized identities, and unlearning white supremacy culture. 

    As I am always learning, I am open to receiving feedback, and owning and working on ways in which I am wrong or unconsciously complicit with systems of oppression. I make space in therapy to explore how toxic systems contribute to feelings of unworthiness, perfectionism and other painful experiences in an open, curious, and non-shaming manner.


    • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
    • Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) 
    • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) trained, pending certification
    • Level 1 IFS trained
    • Syzygy Institute IFS-Informed EMDR Level 3 trained
    • 200-hr yoga teacher trained


    1315 Walnut St. Suite 1700
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

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